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group of students with hands up in air
Taylor and Mills students were back at school Thursday night to perform for parents and classmates
as a conclusion to American Education Week activities.

kids bent over holding their backs on stage

Coronado second-graders were "saddle sore" during their cowboy performance for AEW on Thursday. Edison fifth-graders were also on stage yesterday. Click on the photo for highlights.

ten students on risers singing

College Lane fourth-graders took center stage for Wednesday's American Education Week
performance attended by parents and classmates. Click on the photo for highlights.

two boys and a girl singing with their palms up

Sanger, Jefferson and Murray students were among those performing as part of
American Education Week activities on Tuesday.

smiling boy in baseball cap

Jefferson demonstrated a week's worth of instruction on Nov. 9
following specialized instruction from Maciolek School of Dance.  Click on the photo for highlights.

man in tuxedo blowing trumpet in front of seat of students

HHS teacher John Duskey was one of dozens of Southwest Symphony musicians who
performed for Hobbs 4th and 5th graders on Tuesday morning at Tydings Auditorium.

three girls dancing in serapes

Taylor fifth-graders got a geography lesson as well as a chance to learn some rhythm when Maciolek School of Dance instructors spent a week teaching them dances reflective of other world cultures. The result was a Friday morning performance for classmates and parents. Click on the photo for picture highlights.

student in pirate costume and student in sailor costume on stage Students from Stone, Murray, Broadmoor and BTW performed "Blackbeard the Pirate" at Tydings Auditorium on Saturday. Click on the picture for photo highlights.

kids on stage holding up arms
After a two-week workshop instructed by NDI teachers, Southern Heights, Coronado, Edison, and Will Rogers fourth-graders were on stage Friday for an energetic performance about math’s importance in daily life. They were joined by some BTW kindergartners. Click on the photo for picture highlights.

2018 Art Show
The District Wide Art Show at the Lea Regional Medical Center was a smashing success. 
It had a live radio broadcast, and over 700 parents showed up to celebrate their art superstar's achievement.

People's Choice
People's Choice Winner - Pre-Kindergarten
People's Choice
People's Choice Winner - Kindergarten
 People's Choice
People's Choice Winner - 1st Grade
People's Choice
 People's Choice Winner - 2nd Grade

 People's Choice
People's Choice Winner - 3rd Grade
People's Choice 
People's Choice Winner - 4th Grade

People's Choice
People's Choice Winner - 5th Grade

woman handing another woman a trophy with third woman stands with poster
Taylor Elementary School Principal Lisa Richards accepted the District Art Show first-place trophy on behalf of her school during Tuesday's school board meeting. Southern Heights won second in the building theme contest while Jefferson was third.

1st Place
District Wide Art Show
District Wide Art Show
District Wide Art Show
District Wide Art Fair
District Wide Art Show
Stone 4th and 5th-graders enrolled in the after-school program displayed a variety of musical skills during a Wednesday afternoon concert.District Wide Art Show
girl sitting on chair holding guitar
Stone 4th and 5th-graders enrolled in the after-school program displayed a variety of musical skills during a Wednesday afternoon concert.

Congratulations to the FAEA Extended Day Programs at MUR and STO and 21st CCLC Extended School Day Programs at JEF and HOU.  Click on the picture for highlights.

BTW students put on their dancing shoes Friday for a performance led by Maciolek School of Dance instructors. It was part of a week of dance instruction provided through the elementary arts program.

students in costume on stage
21st Century Jefferson, Taylor and College Lane students - along with some middle school drama enthusiasts - participated in a recent Willy Wonka production. Click on the photo for highlights.

students standing up playing various instruments

21st Century Community Learning Center students gave a rock-concert performance Saturday afternoon at the Teen Center. Click on the photo for highlights.

girls in flamenco dresses on stage

Taylor 21st Century students were on stage at Tydings Auditorium on Thursday night performing skills they've learned during after-school instruction in the art of flamenco dancing and guitar playing. Click on the photo for highlights.

woman holding girls hand up while boy smiles

 Mills, Stone and BTW students were on stage at Tydings Auditorium Friday demonstrating skills learned during a week spent with National Dance Institute instructors. Click on the photo for highlights.

students on stage with arms raised up

Jefferson, Taylor, College Lane, Broadmoor and BTW students - as well as some teachers and parents - were on stage
at Tydings Auditorium for a National Dance Institute performance on Friday that was the culmination
of a two-week workshop.
Click on the photo for highlights.

                          two student throwing balls in air
Stone fifth-graders put on a dancing, singing and coordination display on Friday
after spending a week working with Maciolek School of Dance instructors. Click on the photo for highlights. 

man with guitar instructor students with guitars


Guitarist and singer Vicente Griego teaches Stone students the proper technique for Flamenco music
accompaniment during a guitar class. Students will give a Flamenco concert at 1:30 p.m. Dec. 8 at the school.

three kids acting like zombies
Broadmoor 5th graders combined science facts with drama and dance when they took a journey through
the human body on Friday afternoon. Click on the photo for highlights.

students lined up to sing and  a teacher with microphone in hand
Jefferson, Sanger and Murray were among the elementary schools that celebrated American Education Week
on Thursday with musical programs. Click on the photo for highlights.

three pre-k students smiling
BTW Pre-K students put on a happy face for their American Education Week performance on Thursday night
while College Lane wrapped up AEW shows on Friday morning. Click on the photo for highlights

students with their hands in the air in a line
Will Rogers fifth-graders sang a cavalcade of Broadway hits for their American Education Week performance on Wednesday. Click on the photo for highlights.

kids in crayon outfits singing
Stone and Southern Heights second-graders kicked off American Education Week on Monday with musical performances. Click on the photo for highlights.
boys and girls in a can can line
Jefferson fifth-graders performed dances to a "Put on a Happy Face" theme after spending a week learning moves from Maciolek School of Dance instructors. Click on the photo for highlights.

boy sticking his tongue out at girl
Mills fifth-graders acted out scenes from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer on Friday after attending a week-long
theatre workshop. Click on the photo for highlights. 

man talking to students waiting in line

Murray Fine Arts Afterschool Program students, who held a Friday afternoon reception for veterans, line up to speak to and record the thoughts of Steve Brannan. The retired teacher served in the U.S. Air Force.  On display were close-up photographs of serviceman uniforms produced by the students in the photography class.

students standing in a row with pretend hunting guns

Taylor 5th-graders got a chance to relive history while also learning how to perform in front of an audience during a Friday presentation that was the result of a week-long workshop. Click on the photo for highlights.

girl standing next to art workTaylor fourth-grader Yareli Tavarez was the Southwest Symphony districtwide art winner. Tavarez' drawing was picked tops in Hobbs and was displayed during recent SWS concerts at Tydings Auditorium.

Check out the highlights from the event by clicking on the picture above.

Middle School Bridge
Heizer Middle School auditioned a group of superstar ballet dancers who will attend dance class on Wednesdays afternoons this year at Expressions Dance Academy.

girl holding a friend's leg in air

Taylor 5th graders put on a happy face as well as a dance performance on Friday  after getting instruction from Maciolek School of Dance instructors all week. Click on the photo for highlights.

The Alice in Wonderland cast from Broadmoor, Murray, Stone and Booker T. Washington did an amazing job last Saturday at Tydings Auditorium.  The full performance videos is on our new YouTube channel than you can watch by clicking on the picture above.

kids in blue with hands to ear on stage

Southern Heights, Coronado, Edison and Will Rogers fourth-graders were on stage Friday at Tydings for a National Dance Institute performance. Click on the photo for highlights 


Strings Camp
 We had a very successful 21st CCLC Strings Camp Concert at HMS Little Theater this summer. Check out the highlights by clicking on the picture above.
student examining violin
Hobbs students in second through 8th-grade are keeping cool this week learning to play instruments at a summer camp that is exposing them to stringed instruments and the accordion. Click on the photo for highlights.
Strings Camp
Around 30 students showed up at Tydings Auditorium to attend a Strings Camp.  They are exploring different genres of the Musical Strings World.  There is a Family Event for the Strings Camp coming up at 1:00 pm on June 30th at the HS Little Theater. 

Strings Camp

Amazing Photos by Kate Russell of 21st CCLC HIL, TAY, Teen Center & MEOW WOLF Artists. Click on the picture above.

The Fine Arts Advisory Committee met a group of their new friends in the 21st CCLC Program.  They studied some data about the two programs and then did a team building activity.  Click on the picture for the presentation.

Kindergarten People's ChoiceKindergarten - Amaya Garcia - Broadmoor, Felicetti's class

1st Grade People's Choice Award
1st Grade - Jaiden Carmona - Taylor - Mrs. Tersero's class

2nd Grade People's Choice Award
2nd Grade - Jaelyn Locke - Stone - Mrs. Bertola's class

3rd Grade People's Choice Award
3rd Grade - Jadyn Collins - Sanger - Armstrong's class

4th Grade People's Choice Award
4th Grade - Landon Needham - Mills - Murphy's class

5th Grade People's Choice
5th Grade - Grayson Stephens - Ebert's class

Edison Elementary
Third Place Hallway - Edison Elementary

College Lane Elementary
Second Place Hallway - College Lane Elementary

Jefferson Elementary
First Place Hallway - Jefferson Elementary

Mills Elementary

Overall Presentation - Mills - Goodwin, Bingham, and Hukins

Mills Elementary
Most Original - Mills - Manes, Crowley, Thomas, and Calderon

Murray Elementary
Most Creative - Murray - Valdez-Betsch

Sanger Elementary
Best Use of Color - Sanger - Armstrong

District Wide Art Show
FUMC Concert
Stone and Murray students performed their best works at the concert, Friday evening at the First United Methodist Church. Click here for the full performance:

BTW kindergartners demonstrated what they've learned during a Maciolek School of Dance program for parents on Friday morning. Click here for highlights:

More than two dozen Hobbs Middle School students learned from older classmates Saturday as Hobbs High School hosted "Dramacom." HHS theatre students led a series of day-long workshops in which they demonstrated dance, comedic improv, stage combat and a series of other acting techniques.


efferson teacher Brittany Murray helps students involved in the school's after-school classes test their brains in a battle of Kerplunk. Jefferson expanded its 21st century grant program to 16 classes this semester and are getting students involved in activities that include - among other things -  cooking, reading, engineering, music, science, art sculpture and sewing.  Click here for the Presentation at the 2017 FAEA Winter Conference.

"A true champion can adapt to anything."  - Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

This last week on a brisk January morning in New Mexico, I walked into Taylor Elementary… one of our fastest growing 21st CCLC sites.  I was researching a storage area for an inventory of supplies for their program.  In the corner of the storage area on a shelf rested what looked like an olddusty IBM Selectric Typewriter This was a machine my dad sold for IBM right out of college and long before I was born.  It was a state of the artmachine at the time - a typewriter on steroids so to speak. Overtime, my dad made the transition to selling mainframe systems for IBM and later forother companies.  However, most of the people my dad knew who sold the IBM Selectric retired when it was replaced by the PC. These salesmenfailed to adapt.  I remember walking into his oce and seeing an old brown IBM Selectric with the keyboard taken out and replaced by a pottedplant growing inside. An ode to a by-gone era… and a Mayweather-ism “Champions Adapt.” 

The ability to adjust to each level of innovation creates great programs in education not overnight… but overtime.  Nobody ever enjoys being part ofprogress, but they are necessary in big projects.  These projects which grow from the “skunkworks” level and are scaled to an established size. Thisis where the program begins to impact large groups of students at a high level. It all depends on the stakeholders asking the right questions like “Whats Next?”  Welcome to the frontier of educational leadership. 

Looking at survey data, impact on student grades, and reflecting on the logistics of the program the past six months is where we begin the process ofour Spring Action Plan. If we do our job, the growth of the program in the coming months and years will develop more fractal like the plant in mydads IBM Selectric and less like a hard template inflexible and thus incapable of growing big. 

The one thing I have learned living in Hobbs, New Mexico for almost ten years is this community is incapable of doing small things.  When theycommit to a project, it is a big project.  The 21st CCLC Program passed the 850 mark in registrations and is climbing this month.  We havent evenstarted the registrations for the Summer Camps yet which will be a new wave of students. 

It is interesting how different yet how strong the teams are which are forming at every site around the district.  This mixture of school staff and community folks has grown into something the students see as one big team who is investing in them after the last bell rings.

Mayweather quote from:  





Emily Stuard was one of several College Lane fifth-graders who had solo parts in Friday morning's performance of Seussical. Several other elementary schools also gave musical performances for their parents over the past two days as part of American Education Week activities. 

Click on the photo for highlights.


Sanger second-graders sang about how to be a friend rather than a bully on Tuesday. In addition to Sanger, students from Stone, Will Rogers, Mills, Southern Heights and Murray Elementary School have given performances during the first two days of American Education Week. 
Click on the photo for highlights.


Yaritza Romero Martinez portrayed the Statue of Liberty during Stone Elementary School's American Education Week performance on Monday. AEW performances continue at all HMS schools throughout the week

Metal Stone Canvas
metal stone canvas


Heizer Middle School students  (including Jesus Gonzalez), enjoyed a one-person concert performed on Wednesday morning by Jennifer Batten, lead guitarist for three of Michael Jackson's World Tours. Batten's connection to Hobbs is music teacher Arnold Cardon, who received guitar lessons from Batten and invited her to town to share her talent and stories with Heizer, HHS and Southern Heights students. Cardon and Batten will perform a free concert at 7 p.m. Thursday at Tydings Auditorium.



Stone and Mills fourth-graders were on stage Friday giving a display of new skills learned during a National Dance Institute Residency at their schools. 
Click on the picture for photo highlights.


Hobbs fourth-graders got a chance to hear and handle musical instruments prior to Tuesday morning's field trip to a Southwest Symphony concert performance at Tydings Auditorium. Musicians who shared their knowledge included Ted Hale from Phoenix (top), who demonstrated the properties of amplification with a hose, ENMU's Herman Montoya (left), who let students examine his bass clarinet and trumpet player Ben Fairfield, also from ENMU.

New Mexico's Youth Art Month continues in Hobbs with MCT's "Princess and the Pea". Another successful FAEA Event performed by the Stone, Murray, Broadmoor and Booker T. Washington students. 

Santa Fe Youth Symphony

Heizer students ended their school day on Friday with an assembly featuring a mariachi band. The musical ensemble is in town for this weekend's Hispanic Heritage celebration. The festivities continue from 3-5 p.m. Saturday at Center for the Arts, 122 W. Broadway, where Southern Heights folklorico dancers will be featured.


Taylor fifth-graders Aleigha Muro and Mathew Garza show some of the spiffy moves they learned during a week-long dance residency conducted by Maciolek School of Dance instructors.  The students performed a musical dance program  - Another Opening, Another Show - for parents and classmates on Friday. 
Click on the photo for highlights.

Peter and Wendy

Students from Coronado, Edison, Mills and Sanger were featured performers in a space-age and imaginatively-costumed version of Gulliver's Travels on Saturday. Click on the picture for photo highlights.


NM State Fair

Judy Abney and her husband went up to Albuquerque and hung the top 60 pieces from the Hobbs Municipal Schools at the New Mexico State Fair.  These top elementary school art work masterpieces will be back in Hobbs just in time for the Medical Arts Plaza Exhibit Reception at the end of the month.

Hobbs students are staying busy with after-school enrichment activities - including using engineering skills to build roller coasters -  thanks to a 21st CCLC and FAEA grants that teams schools with community partners. For a look at this week's wide variety of activities at four HMS schools, Expressions Dance Academy, the Hobbs Teen Center and Center for the Arts, 
click on the photo.


Southern Heights students celebrated Grandparents Day on Friday morning by serving up doughnuts and a helping of Folklorico dancing. 

Click on the photo above for highlights.


Students from Will Rogers, Coronado, Southern Heights, Edison and BTW were on stage at 
Tydings Auditorium Friday for this year's first National Dance Institute performance. The district's remaining elementary schools will get their chance to perform with the Santa Fe company later in the school year.  Click on the picture above for photo highlights.

MCT 2016

 “We read to know we are not alone.”

- C.S. Lewis 


In Mrs. Hartly’s 2nd Grade Class, I routinely sat at my desk diligently getting my school work done so I could get to the “enrichment” activity which was usually a blank box in the middle of an 8 1/2 X11 worksheet.  This was where I could draw about what we were learning about that day.  I always enjoyed trying to draw from the illustrations of the books we were reading.  The lined sketches from Dr. Seuss were some of my favorite picture references.  I could identify each line in the picture and accurately draw it on my paper. 

One day our class was reading a Dr. Seuss book called “The Snitches”.  This was a story where half the Sneetches had a green star on their belly and half of them did not.  They both thought their group was superior to the other and even constructed a “Star-On” and later a “Star-Off” machine just to remain different.  In the end, they realized that it did not matter if they had a green star on their belly or not; they were all equal.  Looking back, Mrs. Hartly could have preached to us for many days about equality and tolerance; but there was something about an collection of words and pictures that made a lasting impression more than 30 years later. 

As I entered middle school and high school, my photographic memory sharpened from sketching many hours a day for many years.  I could even memorize an entire score of music on the piano.  However, I had trouble sight reading music and I was assigned books which began to have less and less pictures in them.  Reading was a chore because we later learned, I was a slow reader.  Reading slowly was like watching a movie in slow motion... it was boring.  This was in a time before the world-wide web, so my parents purchased an old-school floppy disk with a reading exercise on it.  We inserted it into our family’s beige IBM PC at home and I practiced following a dot, then a word, then a sentence from left to right everyday until my eyes gained speed enough to read at a comfortable pace. 

Reading at a normal speed allowed me to picked up Michael Shaara’s novel about Gettysburg.  It allowed me to camp out on the high rocks of Little Round Top and follow a school teacher from Maine, Joshua Chamberlain, down the hill with nothing but bayonets and swords and help save the Union.  This story taught me that whatever problems in life, there was someone on a muggy hightop in Pennsylvania with no ammunition left and he figured it out.  We all have challenges in different ways and in the words of C.S. Lewis, we are not alone. 

Hannah and Carmen and their team from NDI-New Mexico brought this joy of reading to Hobbs, New Mexico this week.  They taught that reading a story well told mixed with the “Core Four” of working hard, doing your best, never giving up and staying healthy will help these students strive for a life of excellence.  Some students might even become a professional writer or artist when they grow up and share their story with the world. 

It is the writers and artists that shape the culture of a school and a community.  They are the true leaders behind every generation for good or ill.  The good ones continue to guide us out of the dark times into the next renaissance.  They bring us out of the shadows of our current circumstances and remind us to imagine the possibilities... 



Thank you for supporting the arts and kids. 

Tyson Ledgerwood

Elementary Fine Arts Coordinator 

Hobbs Municipal Schools 

C.S. Lewis Quote from:

Photo by SPUR TV Film Crew  



FA Advisory  FA Advisory


The Fine Arts Advisory Committee for Hobbs Municipal Schools met in May for their annual meeting.  They answered two survey questions about what constitutes a quality fine arts teacher and where do they see Hobbs Municipal Schools' Fine Arts Program in 2020.  Their answers are in the word clouds above. 

KZOR Media Meeting

Elementary Fine Arts Coordinator Tyson Ledgerwood outlines details of a federal grant during Tuesday's school board meeting. The grant was awarded to HMS and community partners last week and will finance nearly $5 million in activities ranging from music instruction to parenting techniques over the next four years. Programs will be offered at the Hobbs Teen Center, Boys and Girls Club, Center for the Arts and HMS elementary and middle schools and will impact hundreds of students. 
 Click on the picture of the presentation for the program design.  Click on the KZOR link to listen to the Media Meeting about the District Wide Art Show Exhibit Series and 21st CCLC Program Launch.

NDI-New Mexico

 Take a look at some classic NDI-New Mexico clips from years past performed by Hobbs Municipal SchoolsElementary Students by clicking on the picture below.






Click on the Sunflower Picture above for the full length video of the NDI-NM evening performance.

Click on the Dancer Picture above for the full length video of the Broadway Bound! evening performances.




Here are some highlights of the talented staff at Hobbs Municipal Schools whose job is to teach Art and Music Instruction to the elementary schools.  

Program Overviews

R & J


Performance Part 1







Performance Part 1


 R & J

three pre-k students smiling
three pre-k students smiling
three pre-k students smiling
three pre-k students smiling
three pre-k students smiling
three pre-k students smiling
three pre-k students smiling
three pre-k students smiling
three pre-k students smiling
three pre-k students smiling
three pre-k students smiling
three pre-k students smiling
three pre-k students smiling
three pre-k students smiling
three pre-k students smiling
three kids acting like zombies
three kids acting like zombies
students in costume on stage
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